Saint Wolfgang’s Night

based on an idea by Fabrizio Marchesano

written by and starring Fiorella Colombo and Fabrizio Marchesano; voices by  Fabio Fiori, Alessandro Gajetta, Lula Gajetta

Theatrical entertainment show

An original reenactment of the night of Halloween, Mozart’s name day!

Art by Paula Albaneze –

On the night of Saint Wolfgang anything can happen… and suddenly the stories and destinies of characters from Mozart’s operas are completely mixed up.

Strigideno and Strigidena, a black owl and a white snow owl, find themselves catapulted into a graveyard, struggling with the statue of the Commendatore from Don Giovanni. Who were they before that night? And where have their colors and their beloved music gone? They want to escape from that shady fate and ask the children in the audience for help. An unpredictable ally will

Jack Lanterna è Fabrizio Marchesano

reveal himself as Jack O’ Lantern, the spirit of Halloween, who will carry them through the most hidden mazes of the music by the great Maestro. But who really is he?

Join them on stage in this extraordinary adventure through time and music to get back all lost notes and colors. And remember: come in your Halloween costume!

Why we recommend it:
because it is a musical itinerary taking on works masterfully composed by Mozart; because, passing through The Magic Flute and Don Giovanni, little known Mozart’s compositions will be discovered and the secrets of his most mysterious pieces will be unveiled; because all is completely played with the audience; because children will exchange roles with characters on stage in a wonderful journey through time and music.