The Last Secret of Houdini

written by and starring Fiorella Colombo and Fabrizio Marchesano

Magic theatrical interactive show for children and families

Duration: 60 minutes

A magical performance for the most mysterious celebration of the year, Halloween: when the life of Harry Houdini, the greatest illusionist, became legend.

On a dark night a strange thief enters a witch’s house… What is he looking for? Which is the secret that lies there? And what will happen when the witch will surprise him?

Come to theater to discover it with us, taking on a wonderful journey through the art and history of magic, participating in the illusions performed on stage… to find out with Houdini that the secret is not the trick itself, but…
A show of conjuring and entertainment involving the attendees, that will come to theater masked as ghosts, witches and… fantasy, to ask together “Trick or… tricks?”


Why participate:

  • to live the excitement of magic on stage

  • because it’s a path through the art of illusion with extraordinary historical characters like Harry Houdini

  • to find out that it is not important to unveil if there is a trick or not

  • because nothing is impossible for those who have passion and determination





Many thanks to John Cox for his wonderful blog dedicated to Harry Houdini, which represented an invaluable resource during the documentary research for the show:

Wild About Harry

Where Houdini Lives